Why You Should Watch HBO’s Lovecraft Country

Taylor Ford
2 min readMar 12, 2021

HBO’s newest show entitled “Lovecraft Country” is a new horror series based on a novel by Matt Ruff that explores the Science fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and racism during the Jim Crow era. The frightening creatures of H.P Lovecraft’s novel are met with the the vileness of racism in 1950s America to create a series that is considered one of the most popular shows this year.

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Atticus Black has just returned home from war in hopes to find his missing father and embarks on a road trip with his friend Leti and Uncle George. This trip is the furthest thing from normal when the clues that his father left behind lead them to the strange town of Ardham. In Ardham they discover that Atticus is a descendant from Titus Braithwaite who was the leader of a supernatural cult who started a civil war to create a doorway to the Garden of Eden. Once these facts are known, Atticus and his allies encounter the dark Wizards that lurk over Ardham and are forced to stop them.

Weird Horror fiction

H.P Lovecraft is known for his tales that were revolved around the cosmic horror of the unknown and it is now made its way to the television. Lovecraft County is the combination of monsters, terror, mystery, and fear that was present in his novels with the addition of historical elements. If you are into horror, this would be the perfect binge series for you and will have you wondering how much gore and entertainment can this series provide.

J.J Abrhams and Jordan Peele can do no wrong

If you don’t know the works of J.J Abrhams and Jordan Peele then you have unfortunately missed out. These two producers, directors, and writers are responsible for some of the best shows and movies in the science fiction and suspenseful films. Luckily for us these two have teamed together for this series and their individual talents have made the greatness that is Lovecraft Country.

Historical References

Since this show is set in the 1950s are strong depictions of racism and segregation in the Jim Crow era. This may be the case, but it also depicts some of the most influential, powerful African Americans figures who made history during this time. In their most recent episode they have mentioned and shown Bessie Stringfield and Josephine Baker, which was the many historical references that can be spotted throughout the show.



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